It’s Not About the Sex

It’s Not About The Sex is a podcast based on the book by the same name. Psychotherapist Andrew Susskind examines issues such as shame, grief, narcissism, and codependency to demonstrate how people use out-of-control sexual behavior to cope with broken heartedness. Each podcast he interviews other therapists who work with clients dealing with addictive behaviors around troubled relationships.

In this podcast we welcome Cynthia Schwartzberg who is a licensed clinical social worker and Brainspotting trainer based in Atlanta. She is the author of The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity which provides powerful exercises and insights that will strengthen your connection both to your truest self and to others. or (917) 816-3534. 

Based on Johann Hari’s Ted Talk, Andrew and Sue explore the premise that “The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” Andrew believes that emotional sobriety and nervous system regulation are pillars of connection and sustainable recovery. Listen to this episode as you put together the triad of connection for yourself: connection to self, connection to others and connection to a higher power. 

Today’s podcast features psychotherapist and certified sex addiction therapist, Debra Kaplan who passionately discusses her work with couples on issues of “relational currency”, sexual and financial health and imbalances of power. Her recent book “Battle of the Titans: Mastering the Forces of Sex, Money and Power in Relationships” provides a basis for a lively exploration of how these elements make or break relationships.  Debra can be reached at or  Be sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast and you can get a copy of Andrew's book, "It's Not About the Sex" here.

Today’s podcast features Dr. Carol Clark, sex therapist, addictions specialist and author who discusses addiction as a universal problem. She also explores the intersection of sex, relationships and intimacy in the context of addiction recovery. You may contact Dr. Clark by email at or through her websites at and

In this podcast we take a closer look at the often-misunderstood term sex addiction in contrast to the  World Health Organization’s classification of compulsive sexual behavior. Through Andrew’s personal and professional experience, we discuss the historical context, the sexual health approach as well as the controversy over the conflicting language still at odds.

Today’s podcast features psychotherapist, workshop leader and speaker, Terra Holbrook, LCSW, CADC, CSAT who brings a unique healing approach to early childhood toxic stress. By utilizing Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems (aka Parts Work), Terra focuses on the healing of deep-rooted intimacy wounds. You may contact Terra through her website at or email at Phone: (208) 520-5695

In twelve-step programs such as SLAA, fantasy is often labeled as a problem. Yet, it may also be an adaptive way to cope with a complicated childhood or trauma. So how can fantasy be a pleasurable, liberating experience? Tune in to this episode to learn more about this expansive subject and see how building the capacity for healthy fantasy is a sure-fire sign of advanced recovery.

This month marks thirty years since Andrew finished his graduate school experience at UCLA, and this podcast takes a clinical stroll down memory lane. From his roots in traditional talk therapy moving on to coaching, somatic therapies and group therapy, Andrew explores the evolution of the mental health field as well as his unexpected career path. Sprinkled into the conversation is his view on compulsive sexual behavior circa 1991 versus today.

In this podcast, we welcome an old friend and colleague, Buck Dodson who is a life coach and licensed psychotherapist passionate about helping clients share their gifts and activate their superpowers. Buck hosts the Gay Men’s Life Lab podcast and can be reached through his website at

Many people find it challenging to start a meditation practice. In this “mini-meditation” Andrew will lead you through a brief Grounding exercise that takes less than 5 minutes of your time. Give it a try and see what happens.

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